I had the pleasure of working with Lauren on a number of design projects for my company Beckon Ice Cream. Lauren designed an incredible trade show setup, among other items, that just blew me away! We received endless compliments from other companies and it was completely eye-catching. Lauren is very creative and easy to work with. She is professional and always delivers! She has a point of view and an ability to conceptualize that makes her work very special.
— Gwen Burlingame, Beckon Ice Cream

Lauren has a very professional approach and yet is able to connect with the client on a level of familiarity and with clarity. This allows her to take what the client shares and then execute with her design expertise. I always had a level of comfort with Lauren that allowed for a comfortable and productive working relationship.
— Bent Water Brewing

Lauren is the type of designer who can take a vague idea and make it just what you were thinking (but never could have made yourself!) just as well as she can take an extremely specific list of asks and 100% deliver. She takes constructive criticism extremely well, and is always learning more to fine-tune her craft.
— Rachel Lewis, Social Media Editor; Her Campus Media

If you are considering hiring Lauren, you will not be disappointed! Lauren is very professional and will bring fresh, contemporary ideas to the table each and every time!
— Paradise Dental LLC
Lauren has worked with me on many projects and the experience was 10/10. Extremely professional and innovative. Highly recommend!
— Nourish For Life Nutrition